The Copenhagen Dragon Lamps

The Copenhagen Dragon Lamps

On the waterfront of Nordre Toldbod there are two dragon topped lamps designed by Vilhelm Dahlerup and installed in 1892.
One of the dragons apparently has red eyes, although I have never noticed this.

Vilhelm Dahlerup was a prolific Copenhagen architect and designer. Great swathes of Copenhagen are his!

1st March – Kay Bojesen celebration

Kay Bojesen opened a shop and workshop on Bredgade….between the Marble Church and Amalienborg in 1932.

The Dachshund / Gravhund was created 2 years later and is celebrating its 80th birthday this year.

Outside of Lego….the soldier was my introduction to Danish design. My parents bought a B&O record player and the soldier came with it as a gift. He was the only toy OUR dog didn’t want to chew!1st-March

23rd Feb – Torvehallerne Wednesday Market

I love Torvehallerne KBH…the graphics on the sides of the buildings….popping in for goods and advice…the fact that you can be there with one set of friends and nearly always run into someone else you know. It’s a fabulous place and space.

Now there is going to be even more to love…something that could also add to the diversity of produce too.

Over the summer there will be a series of wednesday markets for small producers.
From the 7th May – 24th Sept. there will be 12 additional small stalls rented for the day at 400kr.

20th Feb – Family drawing workshops

Thorvaldsens Museum host family drawing workshops
the last saturday in every month between 11:00 and 13:00.
With a focus on sculpture and pattern.

Once you enter the museum it’s impossible not to notice all the fabulous tile patterned floors and the beautifully decorated ceilings, but try not to miss the lions with their well stroked noses…they are adorable.

12th Feb – It’s a kids world at Arken.

12th Feb – It’s a kids world at Arken.

A few days ago ARKEN Museum for Moderne Kunst opened an enormous installation for kids age 3-12.

The space ( The Model ) is designed by the danish artist Palle Nielsen.

It sounds amazing!

Below is a link to the practical information about the exhibit. What it contains, costs and the opening times.


8th Feb – Change of address for Experimentarium.

8th Feb – Change of address for Experimentarium.

Yesterday saw the opening of Experimentarium city. The Hellerup home of the Copenhagen science museum is being renovated, so they have temporarily housed the bulk of the collection in this new prime location address! Just down from the Opera House and opposite the Playhouse.

So if you are heading in from out of town…..for the next couple of years….wave at the Tuborg bottle and keep heading south!


6th Feb – Guess the tail!

6th Feb – Guess the tail!

There are so many fabulous events being hosted by the museums and galleries in Copenhagen during the winter holiday next week.

This though has to be one of my favourites!

The Zoologisk museum has found a large box of tails while cleaning…The discovery has led to an event – Guess the tail! – where visitors are asked to guess which animal the tail belonged to.


1st Feb – Chair designing at the Design Museum.

1st Feb – Chair designing at the Design Museum.

In the winter holiday the Designmuseum Danmark will be hosting chair making workshops for parents and their kids.

Spend a couple of hours experimenting with form and function…playing with materials such as leather, wicker, plastic etc…

Who knows you could discover you’re living with a budding Ditzel or Panton!

There are 2 dates – 11th + 13th February and it is free to take part.

Read more below:


22nd Jan – I do love chairs!

22nd Jan – I do love chairs!

No these are not Danish…but there is a Copenhagen connection….at least tomorrow there is!

Paustian is hosting an Eames film night tomorrow….Torsdag den 23. januar 2014 fra kl. 19.00 – 21.30

It’s free, but you need to book your spot!


19th Jan – Midcentury Modern Celebrations

19th Jan – Midcentury Modern Celebrations

With the centenary of the birth of both Mogensen and Wegner there are a slew of fabulous articles….enough to feed the soul of any midcentury modern fan.

and BO BEDRE have a whole delicious section devoted to Wegner this month.


9th Jan – Copenhagen Zoo has record visitors in 2013

9th Jan – Copenhagen Zoo has record visitors in 2013

2013 was a great year for the zoo in Copenhagen. They had a whopping 1.432.000 through the gates, a 30% rise on 2012.
2013 saw the opening of The Arctic Ring. The new housing for the polar bears. The illustration today is the tower in the grounds of the Zoologisk Have and of course a polar bear…although I have been informed by my son that the food I have supplied is all wrong…when he went they had just been given a horse’s head!


7th Jan – Be careful what you wish for!

7th Jan – Be careful what you wish for!

The theatre company REPUBLIQUE made a new year wish for wine corks….they had offered 2 tickets to anyone that sent 35 wine corks or more. The first day for delivery was yesterday.

The corks are to be used on the stage for their new production ‘La Veritá’ in Tivoli.

They needed 3000 wine corks….they have now been offered 100,000 and ask that people please stop sending and delivering.

I can only hope that my new year wishes are as fruitful!!


5th Jan – Please don’t feed the swans

5th Jan – Please don’t feed the swans

Københavns Kommune have asked that we think twice before feeding the swans at the lakes.

I’m a city girl…and grew up feeding park wildlife as a means of entertainment….and hands up I’ve enjoyed feeding the birds at the lakes in Copenhagen with my son, but there are good reasons to stop this.

1. We’re not just feeding the birds, but some much less savoury rodent neighbours.
2. The swans and ducks even in the iciest conditions are as capable, as they are beautiful, and don’t need our handouts.
3. We’re making our lakes less habitable for the healthy plant life that should be feeding our city birds….and turning the lakes green and slimy.

You can read much more here –


27th DEC – 1813 bliver hovedindgangen til akuthjælp

1813 bliver hovedindgangen til akuthjælp

From the 1st January 2014 in Copenhagen the number to call if you are injured or feel unwell outside of doctors hours is 1813.

For life threatening injury or illness the emergency numberremains the same – 112



21st DEC – My Street in Østerbro

The building opposite mine has recently been cleaned….the cover coming off the scaffolding the night of the first storm….wrapping itself around the central street lighting and revealing my friendly faced daily view… Clearly designed by an architect with a sense of humour.

I’ve always felt smiled upon in this home.


20th DEC – Happy Christmas and thank you!

My first year freelancing is drawing to a close. A challenging, but fun year.
I would like to thank everyone for their amazing support….for the likes, for all the encouraging words, and words of advice. A huge thank you to all those that helped and pushed me to produce my Copenhagen posters and postcards…for the purchases!! – that helped keep the wolf from the door…. and all the graphic collaborations!
I’m excited to see what 2014 brings!
Happy Christmas!
Love Emma x


19th DEC – 58% of Copenhagen kids cycle to school.

It’s that time of year where parents face the Christmas present conundrum….What to buy? How much to spend? What’s enough?, What’s too much?…..But Copenhagen kids already have a fantastic gift 58% of them cycle to school!

According to the Københavns Kommune 2011/12 cycling statistics – of the 45,500 schoolchildren in Copenhagen, a daily average of 26,390 bike to their schools.

Great for the kids, great for the parents and great for the community.


17th DEC – Jeg er Nørrebro – Audiowalk

In a little under an hour, there is an event being hosted by the KulturSkaberne Nørrebro – part of their 24 DAGE MED KULTUR advent calendar.

JEG ER NØRREBRO is an audiowalk – an app for your smart phone that allows you to take a walk in inner Nørrebro whilst listening to 28 stories about the area.

Tid: Tirsdag den 17. december, kl. 16.00 – 17.00
Sted: Nørrebrohallen, Nørrebrogade 208
Pris: Gratis


16th DEC – Nisserne er løs på Zoologisk Museum, København

Nisserne er løs på Zoologisk Museum, København

If you’ve not had enough of a troublesome Nisse at home, then there are more causing problems at the Zoologisk Museum. Take part in the search throughout the rest of this Christmas month.

( NB: For at give nisserne arbejdsro holder museet lukket d. 23., 24., 25., 26., 30. og 31. december samt 1. januar.)


12th DEC – The AJ Cocktail

It’s no secret that I have a major Arne Jacobsen design crush!
So today’s image includes one of my favourite Copenhagen buildings and my Christmas wish list Jacobsen designedStelton A/S cocktail shaker.

I’ve heard talk that there was at one time an AJ cocktail served in the bar of the Radisson Blu Royal Hotel, Copenhagen

Does anyone know the ingredients?


11th DEC – Misty Copenhagen

Statens Naturhistoriske Museum will be getting a really large Christmas present – 16.5 metres long and 4 metres high.

Purchased last month in a UK auction there has been much discussion in The Guardian about where Misty would be going….I’m glad she’s coming to the happy city!!!



An Icon a Day – 7th December – Copenhagen – Help Portrait Event.

Help Portrait is a community of photographers coming together across the world to use their photography skills to give back to their local community.

The Help Portrait Copenhagen event takes place atStøberiet, Blågårds Plads 3, Nørrebro on Saturday, 7th December.
Between 12:00 and 18:00.
Free and without a booking. ( individual and group photographs )




4th December – A pleated Copenhagen Star!

There is a rich tradition of folded and woven paper in Danish Christmas decorations.

I was in search of a Copenhagen designed Christmas decoration, that embraces this tradition, and struck lucky!

Todays illustration is a nod to this paper manipulation…The Livingly 2013 Pleated Star Christmas decorations. Beautifully designed by one of my Østerbro neighbours,designer  Tine Mouritsen.

Livingly produce danish papercrafts, and mobiles and annually select a danish design talent to create a new Christmas piece.




3rd December – Copenhagen Winter Light

The moon rises at 8:27 and sets at 16:29. Moon peaks at 12:29 and the new moon occurs at 01:22.

The sun rises at 8:20 and sets at 15:38. The Sun peaks at 12:00 today.

The length of the day is 7 hours and 18 minutes.

The planets Jupiter and Mars rise at 18:20 and 0:57 to the northeast and east, and can be seen if the sky is clear until sunrise.

Tomorrows post a Copenhagen star!


2nd December – Copenhagen Street Heart Christmas Calendar

StreetHeart Christmas Calendar  started yesterday and runs through to the 24th.

A celebration of Street Art around Copenhagen!  To take part:

♥ Find and click on today’s door in STREET HEART Advent calendar that you find in the top right corner of the front page.
♥ Behind the door lies a clue to where in the city you can find today’s Christmas artwork.
♥ Call your best friend or take your girlfriend / date with street- heart Advent calendar door hunting.
♥ Take warm clothes – remember mittens !
♥ Jump on your bike or hiking boots and go on a treasure hunt in your cold December city Copenhagen .
♥ Find ” cover ” all the artwork in the city . Remember to look both high and low .Hooray ! You know you’ve found the door when you can see a heart with today’s date in.

♥ Take a picture with your camera / mobile. You can include yourself in the picture!
♥ Send the picture to Street Art at – before 24 o’clock the same day and you will automatically take part in today’s draw for nice Christmas packages from the city’s many Christmas happy stores.
Remember it’s not all about coming first. Everyone who sends a picture of today’s door to us before 24 o’clock on the day the ballot .
The winners drawn the following day and announced on and Street Hearts facebook page.


1st December – The Lighting of the Tree

It’s now a tradition that the first sunday in advent is the lighting of the tree in the Copenhagen town hall square.

This years tree is approx 21m tall, weighs 8 tons and is adorned with 700 lights and 100 christmas hearts from Børnenes Kontor.

15:00 The event starts in Nyhavn with the fire brigade traditional Christmas procession.

15.40 The ladder truck will arrive with Santa Claus in Rådhuspladsen.

16:00 The tree will be lit.


Copenhagen – 23rd Nov – Tivoli lights

Tivoli is once again ablaze with the magical Christmas lights. Tourists and locals alike flood to experience them. It’s at this time that one of the most beautiful, yet discreet permanent residents can go unnoticed.

The Poul Henningsen (PH) Tivoli Lamp.

Poul Henningsen worked in the Tivoli architects studio in the early 1940’s, but it wasn’t until his return from wartime exile that he really made his mark on the Tivoli Gardens. It was in 1949 that the playful spiral Tivoli lamps took their place at the lake, but the motor that made them spin was not very powerful, and they required a push start to revolve.

In 2008 the lamps were replaced by Louis Poulsen, identical to the originals, except for a more powerful motor.





An Icon a Day – 22nd November – New Nordic

Inspired by the word “Nouveau” from yesterday…todays image is my nod to some of New Nordics favourite produce.

New Nordic the darling of the flourishing Copenhagen food scene uses local, seasonal food, and reintroduces traditional techniques such as smoking, and salting.

A massive influence in Copenhagen growth since November 2004,when chefs and food professionals from the Nordic countries met and coined the phrase.



20th Nov – Copenhagen – Free entrance on Wednesdays

This piece was badly researched!

I had planned on writing about the free entrance to museums on a Wednesday, but after lovingly drawing the Hirschsprung collection building, I discovered that at the present time entrance is not actually free ….none the less you’re getting the illustration, plus an addition in the Thorvaldsens museum, which does thankfully have free entrance on wednesdays, has magnificent ceilings and is well worth a visit.




Copenhagen has played host to two spectacular sailing vessels this autumn.

Today was the last day of the amazing Viking exhibition at the National Museum . The exhibit is now moving on to London and The British Museum in the spring of 2014.

As for the Maersk “Triple-E” container vessel – there is always the lego set that will be released on the 1st January 2014!


AN ICON A DAY – COPENHAGEN – 12TH NOV – Ny løbehjulsbane i Fælledparken

Today the scooter track officially opens in Fælledparken.

12th November 2013

Frederik Vs vej, Fælledparken

The event starts at 16:00 and the music stops playing at 18:00.

Technical and Environmental Mayor, City of Copenhagen – Ayfer Baykal is giving the opening speech.

The redevelopment of Fælledparken started in 2009 when the park turned 100 years old.

The scooter track was not part of the original renewal plan, but has been added due to some age and experience conflicts

on the adjacent skateboarding area.

Wrap up warm!



The Copenhagen municipality is governed by Copenhagen’s municipal council (Borgerrepræsentation). Council elections are held the third Tuesday of November every four years….the next time in a little over a week.

These are the silhouettes that have dominated Copenhagen for the last few weeks. printed 150,000 posters for this year’s election.

The posters are allowed to be displayed for four Saturdays before the election and must be removed within eight days after the election takes place.



TODAY THE COPENHAGEN STREET LIGHTS CAME ON AT 16:18 – the days are getting really short!


Illuminating the capital is the design classic “Copenhagen Lamp” …designed in the early 1970’s at the Copenhagen Stadsarkitekts Studio ( Copenhagen Municipal Architecture Department). The electrical giant, Philips, took the design and put it into mass production, propelling the lamp into every street in Copenhagen.

The lamp is now being replaced by newer energy saving versions…but originals are still in abundance.

The Copenhagen Lamp measures 46 cm. in diameter and 33 cm. in height.





When the wooden roller coaster celebrates its 100th anniversary next summer, riders will ride beneath the snowy

peaks that were removed in the 1920s

Tivoli has announced plans for a 35 million restoration of its wooden roller coaster, returning its original alpine-

themed appearance.


The roller coaster will be ready for the 2014 summer season and will feature two new mountain peaks and a 20 metre tall waterfall.