5th Jan – Please don’t feed the swans

Københavns Kommune have asked that we think twice before feeding the swans at the lakes.

I’m a city girl…and grew up feeding park wildlife as a means of entertainment….and hands up I’ve enjoyed feeding the birds at the lakes in Copenhagen with my son, but there are good reasons to stop this.

1. We’re not just feeding the birds, but some much less savoury rodent neighbours.
2. The swans and ducks even in the iciest conditions are as capable, as they are beautiful, and don’t need our handouts.
3. We’re making our lakes less habitable for the healthy plant life that should be feeding our city birds….and turning the lakes green and slimy.

You can read much more here –http://www.kk.dk/da/brugbyen/pas-paa-miljoeet/begraens-andefodring