1st March – Kay Bojesen celebration

Kay Bojesen opened a shop and workshop on Bredgade….between the Marble Church and Amalienborg in 1932.

The Dachshund / Gravhund was created 2 years later and is celebrating its 80th birthday this year.

Outside of Lego….the soldier was my introduction to Danish design. My parents bought a B&O record player and the soldier came with it as a gift. He was the only toy OUR dog didn’t want to chew!1st-March

23rd Feb – Torvehallerne Wednesday Market

I love Torvehallerne KBH…the graphics on the sides of the buildings….popping in for goods and advice…the fact that you can be there with one set of friends and nearly always run into someone else you know. It’s a fabulous place and space.

Now there is going to be even more to love…something that could also add to the diversity of produce too.

Over the summer there will be a series of wednesday markets for small producers.
From the 7th May – 24th Sept. there will be 12 additional small stalls rented for the day at 400kr.