50cm x 70cm Copenhagen Poster – Østerbro Frogs


Copenhagen Posters – Østerbro Frogs


The neon sign was originally installed by Galle & Jessen in 1965 on the 5th floor of their chocolate factory on the corner of Lyngbyvej and Jagtvej.

In 1966 Toms chocolate turtles became the confectionary of choice and in 1971 Toms bought both Galle & Jessen and the neon sign.

The Toms Group took on the responsibility for the upkeep of the Østerbro frogs and the chimney.

This neon sign was sadly dismantled in 2009. I live just a stones throw from where it used to glow. When I cycled home from town it lit my way.

Poster 50cm x 70cm – offset printed locally in Østerbro on Swedish eco-friendly paper – 190g

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Copenhagen Posters – Østerbro Frogs – 50cm x 70cm. The Copenhagen Posters designed by SIVELLINK are created from illustrations first seen on the Copenhagen illustration Facebook blog “An Icon a Day”.

Copenhagen Posters – Østerbro Neon Print