Character illustration

Happy International Women’s Day! – 2022


Working with Amnesty Internation on Pride events and World Pride Copenhagen 2021

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Working from home and not moving enough – Østerbro, Copenhagen 2021

Layer dilemma:

Not enough = freezing cold

Too many = can’t move


Vinterbadning – No, a woolly hat does not make it warmer!

Copenhagen character illustration from my 2018 exhibition in Knippelsbro Kulturtårnet sponsored by Kulturhavn 365 and from my ongoing “An icon a day” project. Copenhageners cycling, swimming and sitting in cafés enjoying city life.

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Fun at the lakes.

For the child at heart – Fun on the ice – Peblingesø, Copenhagen 2021


Cycling in the snow – lesson 1 – This will happen if you insist on wearing a wool coat when it’s snowing!

Vin de Table illustration

Wine shopping in Nørrebro – Vin de Table – Copenhagen 2021


Juno bakery, Østerbro

For the love of cardamom buns! I’m always happy walking up Århusgade with a little white bag! Worth the queue.

Flower Shop Nordhavn

Nordhavn Plant Passion – Copenhagen 2021


Swimming in the Harbour. Images from my 2018 exhibition in Knippelsbro Kulturtårnet sponsored by Kulturhavn 365


Culture Tower Party


Reading in the sun – Bliss!


Fooling around outside Noma.


Social distancing, reading and soaking up the sun. Should I clean the windows? Østerbro, Copenhagen.

Character illustration developed for user journeys commissioned by the Danish Police.

Character illustration - Danish Police

user-journeyuser-journey-section Character illustration – Police icons for user journey.



Characters developed for an illustration commissioned by WorkbookCharacter-work-Start-city-scenes

MR ORANGE – developed for a tourism app – commissioned by VISIT ROSKILDE

see more by downloading the app from the apple store or here on my VISIT ROSKILDE commissioned work pageMr Orange 6Mr Orange 5



Copenhagen cycling does not stop with bad weather. The cyclists just stylishly adjust to the new conditions. Copenhagen cycle chic is a reality!