Copenhagen Illustrations

The Copenhagen Illustrations have been developed from my Facebook blog “An Icon a Day”. An ongoing digital sketchbook that I started in 2014. This side project has changed the way I work and the projects I undertake. The work has led to artwork commissions, a growing poster/card collection and a number of exhibitions and shows.

The images include Copenhagen nostalgic neon signage, Tivoli, Copenhagen waterfronts with reflections and a group of Copenhagen animals.










Amalienborg and soldier


BeehiveNostalgic-Chicken-print-A3-A3-Recoloured-Frog Nostalgic-Vesterbro-print-A3 Nostalgic-Bosch-print-A3Peacock-theatre-PNGTivoli-PagodaTivoli-NimbBridge-PosterLAnge-linie-A3A3-Nyhavn-PrintNostalgic-Christianshavn-print-A3Panel-3-150cm-x-100cm-webfilePanel-2-150cm-x-150cm-webfile


This Copenhagen animal illustrations group mixes architectural elements with some of the cute characters that share our beautiful city.

At the lakes I have the elegant lake pavilion (Søpavillonen) with the equally elegant heron (Fiskehejre)

The Frederiksberg print I have the Chinese bridge and its reflection teamed with red squirrels. This was very nearly the white peacock I have seen gracing the gardens on occasion, but as a London girl that grew up with the fearless grey squirrel, I am still somewhat bewitched by its more elusive, skittish red cousins!

I’ve teamed the newly renovated hunting lodge (Eremitagen) in the deer park at Klampenborg with a wide eyed deer.

And lastly my favourite….the true city dweller….The pigeon….my one perhaps waiting for his friend by the meeting clock in the centre of the Copenhagen Central Station (Hovedbanegård). I don’t normally have favourites among my prints, but I just love this guy!!



A3-Squirrel-Print A3-Pigeon-Print

Copenhagen Illustrations

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