An Icon a Day 2021

An Icon a Day –  My Copenhagen illustrations and online sketchbook

Revisiting this projet in these darker months and this second lockdown is keeping me sane.

I am embracing the gloom and longing for glipses of the Copenhagen spring and brighter days.

Images from sanity walks. I love Copenhagen.

See the full series of illustrations here

July 2021Crowd--after-a-goal


May 2021


Bispebjerg Blossom


Red Square Blossom

April 2021


Nordhavn Winter Swimmers – It’s still not warm!


Yes, there is blue sky, but it’s freezing! Spring at the lakes, 2021.


Snow and hail – Spring cycling at the lakes, 2021

March 2021


Just a little bit in love with Nordhavn!

February – 2021

Vin de Table shop illustration

It’s wine o’clock in Nørrebro, Copenhagen – Vin de Table


Wine texture detail inspired by the beautiful Vin de Table – Nørrebro, Copenhagen


Osram huset – culture house – Nørrebro, Copenhagen


Beautiful concrete – Nørrebro, Copenhagen



Longing for the first signs of Spring – Kongens Have, Copenhagen


Olufsvej snow

Olufsvej Østrbro – Not the weather for ice-lollies at OLUFs, but this picture puts me in mind of their Easter lolly – can’t wait to get back there!



No, a woolly hat does not make it warmer when vinterbadning! – Nordhavn, Copenhagen



For the love of cardamom buns!



A glimpse of spring – Dawn chorus – Østerbro, Copenhagen 2021

January – 2021

Søerne and Seagulls

Winter seagulls at the lakes – Copenhagen – 2021


Walking the dog in winter – Kastellet, Copenhagen – 2021

An icon a day 2021

Winter Cycling (sleet) – Langebro, Copenhagen – 2021

Dim light at the lakes

The sun is trying to break through – Copenhagen – 2021

Empty-café - Lockdown café

I wish it were summer and I could visit a café, read and drink coffee in the sun! – Copenhagen 2021

Summer- café visit - Copenhagen

Reading and drinking coffee in the sun! – Søerne, Copenhagen (sometime in the future)

An Icon a Day - Ducks and Bikes

Søerne – Ducks and Bikes – Copenhagen 2021 City Living

Fish shop Østerbrogade - Dagens Fisk

A shout-out for shopping locally. Dagens Fisk – our local fish shop – Østerbrogade, Copenhagen 2021


Lake Sanity Walk

Sanity walk during lockdown. One way system in place around the lakes – Østerbro, Copenhagen – 2021

Corona Blues Fly-away. Micro-tricks til at klare det sidste seje træk – Hold Corona-blues stagen med virtuelle og fysiske gaver. 


The view from my window – Østerbro, Copenhagen


Home Disco

It’s 2020 and the owners of the flat opposite are keeping me sane with nightly home disco lights! I love Østerbro!


Sunloving dog

My neighbour’s dog enjoying the sunlight – Østerbro, Copenhagen – 2020


Illustration and graphics work

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