SIVELLINK is a Copenhagen based graphic design studio, owned and run by Emma Sivell. Alongside her client illustration and graphic design work there is a growing collection of SIVELLINK designed posters, prints and cards. The architecture of Copenhagen forms the foundation of the collection, with colour, re­flection and nostalgia bringing the prints to life.

“I grew up in Croydon in the south of London – an urban outgrowth of concrete. Now I live in one of the planet’s most beautiful cities. Copenhagen, a city that celebrates its versatile design history and showing no signs of slowing down. The sheer volume of design is overwhelming and it inspires me every day,” says Emma.

In 2013 she set about developing a project entitled ‘An Icon a Day’ a tribute to Copenhagen’s aesthetics – to the city’s iconic buildings and skylines, but also to the small details and subtleties in the cityscape that in all their discretion makes Copenhagen Copenhagen. Her designs are timeless and focus on the beauty of form, definition and the simplicity of her surroundings. Her illustrations all carry the Sivell trademark of a wide and vibrant colour pallet. Whether in her nighttime neon collection or her cool botanical prints, the subtle use of colour enhances the images to their fullest.

Having graduated from St Martins College, in London, with a BA (Hons) in Fashion Knitwear, she headed to New York to gain experience in the textile design industry. She gained a following for her playful illustrations and when she fell in love with a Dane and moved to Copenhagen 17 years ago, she fell in love with the design richness and vibrancy of the city.

Sivellink was set up in 2013 and Emma has gained an impressive client list with a wide ranging portfolio of projects from web design, infographics, client illustration and graphic design work.

If you would like to find out how to commission Emma to enhance and brighten your business then please mail on emma@sivellink.dk or phone her on +45 31 18 91 17

Welcome to Sivellink!